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We Make Pricing Work for your Agency

We’re here to build lasting relationships with our agency clients – it’s where the ‘& Friends’ comes from in our name. This means collaborating with you when you’re not earning your top rate. In other words, being flexible in our approach to pricing our work.

We Make Pricing Work for your Agency - Teamwork - Lattimore & Friends - Gif credit: @abi-bock

More human pricing - Lattimore & Friends - image credit:ian-schneider

Making pricing more human

We have a number of agency and studio clients that we have worked with for years – who never ask us to quote for a project. Often this is because their end clients might have very fixed budgets. They will send us the designs, a technical brief and a number. And usually we can make something work.

So, if you’re working on an internal project, the end client is an NGO or new challenger brand, or maybe a friend of yours, let us know and we’ll try and make it work.

UX/UI Support is on the House

We know that often you will have locked in a web development budget with a client before you start the designs. 

So how do you ensure you don’t design beyond the budget?

By finding genuine partners like us, who don’t charge agency/studio clients for UX/UI support.

UI/UX support is on the house - Lattimore & Friends - image credit:ux-indonesia

We’re here to help you

In 2020, we were part of 140 projects, from the smallest tweaks to 5-figure builds and our knowledge of the WordPress, Shopify and general web development ecosystem is hard to beat. 

We can guide you away from designing yourself into an expensive corner, and on a more positive note, we can recommend easy-to-implement libraries and functionalities to take a website from good to great.

Ways that we have supported clients like you:

  • Reviewing wireframes to discuss potential issues or concerns about the structure at different screen sizes
  • Talking through an “animation moodboard” created by a studio for a new client, discussing the relative ease/difficulty of implementing different animation options
  • Doing some initial accessibility testing of an almost finished design, such as contrast ratios, etc

How much did this website cost?

Have a read of our blog series ‘how much did this website cost?‘ if you would like more info about how we quote and some of the things we take into consideration when we quote:

Say hello

We’re always up for a coffee and a chat, even if you don’t necessarily have anything on the cards at the moment.

Get in touch and let’s see if we can help you.