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Megafauna launch – and awards!

It’s been a really exciting second half of the year for Lattimore and Friends, with the launch of our Made to Measure product, helping our agency clients bring down the development cost of websites (including e-commerce ones) through a base of modular wireframes, and now with the full launch of Megafauna.

Megafauna is a response to the work we are increasingly doing for our agency clients, and their end clients. 



Lattimore and Friends has always been, and will always be, (almost) exclusively a web development partner for independent creative, branding and communications agencies and freelancers. Our entire set-up is built around collaboration with our agency clients, not only building (great) websites but also helping them win work, create responses to tenders/RFPs and do UX/UI support.

What we are finding now is that our remit is expanding beyond simple web development. We find ourselves hosting end client websites more and more often, and most excitingly, delivering ongoing speed optimisation and SEO campaigns. The once clear delineation between our primary client (the branding/creative/communications studio) and the end client is increasingly getting murky. So we want to clear it up.

Lattimore and Friends remains (we hope) a leading web development partner for branding, creative and communications agencies and freelancers.

Megafauna is our digital agency, working directly with end clients on SEO and digital campaigns, ongoing speed and SEO optimisation, hosting and maintenance work.


In other exciting news, I am really proud to say that as a team we have won our first Awwwards… awards (?) – receiving an Honourable Mention for the Megafauna website, as well as for Mobile Excellence.


Cecilia Righini, our Project Assistant and (very) talented graphic designer, has done some excellent work – and Amira, one of our newer developers was able to realise that vision into a great WordPress website.

This is such an important and exciting moment for all of us at Lattimore and Friends. One of the curses of being a web development partner is that, by the very nature of the relationship, we try to not be too vocal about the work we do – we are (happily) the supporting cast to our amazing agency clients.

Being recognised, not just for technical excellence, but also for creativity is wonderful. 

Here’s hoping for more where that came from!

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