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Made to Measure is live!

All of us here at Lattimore and Friends are really excited to announce the launch of Made to Measure, our new web development service exclusively for branding, communications and creative agencies.

Our goal with Made to Measure is to help agencies like yours make more money from your web builds (by that we mean, keep more of the margin), deliver these builds quicker, all whilst giving the pixel-perfect quality your clients expect.

Where it began

The idea of Made to Measure has been percolating around the “hive mind” of Lattimore and Friends for a while. In the process of working on over 100 web projects in 2019, we began seeing recurring issues as well as recurring design patterns.

Here’s the naughty truth – not all end clients care equally about their website. For some, the website is their ultimate sales tool, almost the be-all and end-all of their business. But for a large number of them, the website is something they have to do, just because this is the world we live in. They don’t really care.

And even for the ones where the website is extremely important, for every end client that wants to push the boat out on contemporary design, there must be five who want a design that they feel comfortable with, based on their competitors or similar companies. They’re not looking to win design innovation awards.


When buying a dress or a suit, do you always go bespoke?

Let’s take buying a dress or a suit as an analogy here.


“Off the rack”

This is your Primark, Burton, Zara, etc, suit/dress; affordable, easy to sort out, not designed to last, no customisation.

Taking this to web development, we have Wix, SquareSpace, an off-the-shelf WordPress theme, Shopify standard theme, etc. For the end clients with the smallest budgets, these are all great options. Beyond being very affordable, you can get such a site going extremely quickly. 

But what are the odds, after you have spent weeks crafting a new visual identity for a client, you’ll find a theme that is just perfect? And sure, Divi will tell you you have total design control; you just have to learn yet another tool (and even if you do, are the results the pixel-perfect quality you want?). 

More than that, if a client is paying good money for their brand identity, do you really want to fob them off with an off-the-shelf theme? 



This is your Savile Row suit, or dress hand-made in a French atelier. It is deliberately expensive, fitted to you uniquely and perfectly, and designed to last for years.

In web development, this is what Lattimore and Friends offers to the majority of our clients and what you get whenever you commission a web developer.

The visual identity of your client, and the web design you have created, will be realised into a work of pixel-perfect digital perfection. It takes weeks to do, costs £/$000s and the website will be robust enough to last forever (which in web development terms, is 2-5 years).

For the client whose website is the lifeblood of their business (or the investor/high-powered business person whose suit/dress is their daily armour), it makes sense to spend lavishly. 

But what about the client whose website is just their stake in the ground on the internet? The individual who works from home and just occasionally dresses up for a date or an important meeting? Does it warrant such a huge expense?


Made to Measure

This is you choosing from a large range of pre-made, unstructured items, waiting for your measurements to be applied. You can bring-in areas, expand here, shorten there, in a way that fits you uniquely. Is it built from the ground-up to be uniquely yours? No. Is it finished exactly to your dimensions? Yes.

And this is what we are offering to our branding, comms and creative agency clients. 

It is an “empty” WordPress website, made of 30 (and growing) pre-coded wireframe modules, ready and waiting for your client’s branding and unique design.

How does it work?

First, don’t worry, this isn’t another of those “easy-to-use” page builders. We still do all the development legwork; you just focus on what you do best, creating amazing designs.

The only workflow change for you is at your wire-framing stage.

If you are a freelancer or studio, you can get free access to our membership area and module library. 

Here, you can see a library of pre-composed wireframes, ready for you to download via Sketch or Figma, and designed to be the base of your web design. You have total freedom to refine these wireframes to something that meets the visual identity of your client (though we’re happy to talk you through [for free] what you are working on, in case you’re getting nervous). 

Once you have completed the design, just send it along to us for a full and final quote. If the client is happy, we’ll do a kick-off session with you and get a sense of animations, transitions, etc before getting to work (oh, did we forget to mention that light parallax, lazy-loading, motion, etc is included?), crafting a unique WordPress build, just for you and your client.


Bespoke modules

Sometimes you still need something a bit different (maybe a design, or a piece of functionality) to what’s in our module library, we totally understand. And it’s no problem at all. The joy of our modular system is that this won’t mean having to go fully bespoke on the whole website – oh no, we can quote for the development of that one new extra module (we’re liking talking at most a day or 2 for even the most challenging bespoke modules, so £400-800+VAT).


Ongoing support

A fair concern our agency clients, and their end clients, have is being locked into a partner and then finding they don’t make the best bedfellows. They might take ages to make changes, fix bugs, respond to questions, etc – especially as your development partner gets newer, more exciting, often bigger-paying clients. It can then be extremely costly and painful to try and extract from their set-up.

This is very much not the case here. All Made to Measure websites are built using WordPress and its Gutenberg modular process, and once your final invoice is paid, the code base is entirely yours/your client’s.

Now, we hope you’ll want to keep working with us, and we do offer hosting, maintenance contracts and SEO contracts, but if you just want to use us for our web development services, that’s fine too. Any WordPress developer or studio that you or your client engages will be able to pick-up a Made to Measure website and not just maintain, but extend and grow it.



During internal testing, we saw a 30-50% saving on projects. For instance, a bespoke build that would cost £2,500-3,000, came in between £1,500-1,800.

If you rolled those savings out across the 4-6 web projects per year our typical agency clients place with us, that is a lot more money in your pocket than ours.


Next Steps

Intrigued? Well get in touch with the Made to Measure Project Lead at Lattimore and Friends, Ollie (ollie@lattimoreandfriends.com) and organise a call or to get access.

And of course, Lattimore and Friends remains the web development partner par excellence for agencies looking for bespoke website builds that blow their clients’ minds. If you want to discuss a potential project, get in touch with our Founder, Ben, at ben@lattimoreandfriends.com.

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