Junior Project Manager

So, who are you?

You’ll be a friendly, team focused leader with a keen eye for design and some initial coding ability. We definitely aren’t looking for computer science graduates – we’re looking for a genuine junior who brings a base level of knowledge, team skills and enthusiasm to kickstart a career in tech.

Indeed, you don’t even need to have a degree at all! Perhaps you smashed through all the courses on Codecademy or Treehouse, perhaps you did one of those 8/10/12/15 week crash courses, perhaps you did it the old school way with books from the library. However you got here, we want to take you further. It should also be said here that we’d be so stoked to give more women and/or those from other backgrounds their first step into tech.

So, who are we?

We work with some of London’s most exciting creative, branding and communications agencies, providing them with the best possible WordPress experience (amongst other languages).

We have a unique way of working that allows us to deliver great value and at the same time, maintain amazing quality.

We’re growing rapidly and need our next full-time Junior Project Manager to help us out.

So, what will you do?

There are two parts to this role, which overlap and should keep you engaged and supercharge your learning:

Lead a dev team through all stages of delivery
From day one we will expect you to assist our Senior Tech Lead in managing our various projects, which means keeping the devs on track for an on-time delivery, and making sure we do so with a high quality of work. You will make sure all aspects of the design are broken down and assigned to our amazing devs, so we can get the work done fast and efficiently.

You will assign tasks to our devs using Asana, provide all the materials our devs need to work, set up the work environments, and at times will also need to hire and work closely with remote developers as needed.

Once you are ready, you will be the main contact working closely with the client product-owners, and thus an important face for the company. This will be a challenge for you but you will not be expected to jump into this deep-end until you feel confident. This role really is a ‘glue that binds us’ kind of role, as you will almost always be at the centre of everything!

Code yourself
The best project managers understand how our websites are built and how devs approach their work, so for us it will be essential that you are keen to do some basic coding. This might be making small edits or fixes as they come up, or pairing with our devs when we go in-house with our clients for 1-3 days at a time to deliver the most critical phase: the in-house refining and finishing of their ready-for-delivery website. (If you are ever required to do so, you will have gone through our in-house WordPress training course before doing this, don’t worry!)

So, what do you need?

We need three things from you:

1.) Be a people person

  • Techies have a reputation for being anti-social and a bit unfriendly. We aim to build strong relationships, even friendships, with our clients.
  • Do people call you charming? Funny, witty? Great to have around? If so, you’ll be a great fit. As you’ll be managing dev teams, you should feel comfortable being a leader, but open and understanding to different styles of communication.
  • You will be working with our clients right away, so should have a confident and capable customer service work ethic. You should be a fun, engaging and friendly presence (who impresses with your hard-work and diligence too) whenever you are meeting with a client. We want our clients to smile when you hit their inbox with another question, and want to set up more meetings with you.

2.) An eye for design

  • The biggest complaint we hear from our clients is that websites, once developed, rarely look like the original design. This is a nuisance at best and a business-threatening problem at worst. We’re proud that our most common feedback is how accurate we are to designs and how we work hard to work with designers. We expect you to keep these standards high as well as offer them thoughts on how to get the most from their designs.
  • You will be responsible for translating the wants and dreams of our clients into work for our devs, so you not only should have an eye for design, but be comfortable asking questions and getting all the information that you need.
  • Your communication skills will be essential, and you will need patience in sometimes rewriting tasks a few times until we can get the work perfect.
  • You need to value and understand great design, even if you couldn’t design it yourself – taste is what we are after!

3.) Some coding ability or interest in coding

  • Bring any HTML, CSS and perhaps some basic jQuery with you.
  • If you know some SASS (or can learn this before you start), that’s even better.
  • If you have tinkered with some WordPress theme files in the past, that’s awesome but not at all required.
  • If you don’t have much coding under your belt, but are eager to learn – that’s fine too!

So, what do you get?

  • The London Living Wage (£10.55 p/h), working out to £22,000 annual
  • A MacBook Air
  • A great place to work in our office in Dalston

As can be expected, personal development is hugely important to us – especially as the founder was a self-taught developer – so you will be given the following:

  • A paid subscription to your choice of learning platform e.g. Treehouse, Udemy, etc
  • The time and support to work on personal web development projects to help you maximise your learning. This could be a bespoke blog for a friend (or yourself!), to a simple web app to anything and everything in between. Make sure to bring some of these ideas to the interview.

So, what do you need to do now?

A proposed start date is Monday 15th April but do let us know if another date would work best.

We’ll be holding interviews on a rolling basis until we find the right person, but we will aim to have a lot in the last few weeks of March and start of April, so try and keep those days free.

In you application, do send over:

  • Cover letter, which should mention some examples of successful teamwork, or proven customer service capabilities
  • CV
  • A brief description of how you got into tech and what tools or platforms you have used to learn thus far
  • Send over an example of a website with great design, and explain why
  • Any examples of your web work thus far

Send your application to caitlin@lattimoreandfriends.com