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“One thing I found” from the L&F team

We wanted to share our favourite finds from this month; things that have inspired us, that we’ve enjoyed and think you might also enjoy!

This week, Alaïs (our graphic designer), Ollie (one of our project managers), Kuba (one of our developers) and Ben (our finder) share their top picks!

Alaïs, L&F's Designer


This month I discovered my favourite ramen bar in London


Koi Ramen Bar London


Just so good – although my knowledge of ramen is probably not very authentic, it became my go-to happy food.

Ben, L&F Founder

Full transparency – I didn’t find this in September but I re-found it in the depths of my bookmarks: http://www.because-recollection.com/


Because Recollection


I first found this website in 2016 and I was so utterly blown away by it. I was just really getting into my stride as a freelance web developer and it was just such a formative experience, showing me that a website can be more than just a “moving poster.” It can be a full-on immersive experience.

Kuba, one of L&F's developers


I found a nice YouTube channel with short Sci-Fi movies – DUST.

Ollie, one of L&F's project managers


I found that there is an extensive list of shortcuts for Google Mail: 


Google Keyboard Shortcuts


The ability to reply to all via ‘a’ and easily move to the next message has been a productivity win! I have likely been living under a rock with this one but I can’t be the only one…right? 

We hope these have piqued your interest and you found something that might help you switch off for a bit. We’ll be back next week with some more suggestions!

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