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It’s been a really exciting second half of the year for Lattimore and Friends, with the launch of our Made to Measure product, helping our agency clients bring down the development cost of websites (including e-commerce ones) through a base of modular wireframes, and now with the full launch of Megafauna.

Hello! I am Cecilia and I am Lattimore and Friends’ Project Assistant. I’m new in both this role and in this field and I’m very excited about this new journey. As a female-presenting non-binary person, I was off to a hard path in Tech, but the L+F team have been incredibly supportive since my first interview. I have to admit: what an incredible way to start my career in Tech!

If you stumbled across this post, you might either be in search of a new project management software or perhaps we asked you to login into one of our AirTable bases to log your comments or track the progress of your project with us. Either way, look no further! In this post, you’ll get an understanding of how we use AirTable, and why we really love it.